Sectaurs Toys

First Series

Mantor with Rapplor
Zak and Bitaur
Night-Fighting Dargon with Parafly
Skito and Toxcid
Waspax with Wingid
The Hyve, Forbidden Fortress
Prince Dargon and Dragonflyer
General Spidrax and Spiderflyer
Pinsor with Battle Beetle
Skulk with Trancula

First Series Accessories/Weapons Guide

Ever wondered which Sectaurs accessory you have goes with which figure? Or if the accessories you have with one of your figures would qualify it as "complete"? Wonder no more! Here's a quick accessory guide for those figures of the first series!

2nd Series (never produced)

In 1986, there was supposed to be a second year in store for the toyline... unfortunately, the 2nd line of action figures and creatures never saw the light of day. The following images were taken from the Official 1986 Coleco dealer Catalog.


There was a lot of spin-offs possible with the Sectaurs line, we saw famous "Insectmen" toys hitting the cheap toystores and other bugs that looked a lot like the Insectoids of the famous Sectaurs... but no "cheap" toyline will get me to wonder as much as the "Guardian Patrol" toyline. What happened here? This is the exact same mold (Dargon) used on the 2 nemesis (with different plastics and paint scheme), we can even notice Dargon's necklace.
With what happened to Coleco, we have to wonder if these are really bootlegs or if the molds where rightfully aquired. This line was distributed in a lot of countries, as you can see here on this scan of a spanish edition box of "Guardian Patrol":

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